To Whom It May Concern,

     I just want to take the time to let you know how impressed I was with the floor inspection services that I received from Matt Skowron, The Floor Detective.

     From the beginning, setting up an appointment time that was workable for us both was easy.  Matt was on time and arrived with apparatus that he utilized in securing an accurate account of what was causing the issues I was having with my recent laminate floor installation.  While here, he spent his time measuring, taking pictures, asking and answering questions, and keeping  me informed during the process.  I was “particularly pleased” as he walked about in his stocking feet to get a real “feel” of the situation.

     I was concerned about the floor being laid without the necessary leveling material.  Matt informed me that he believed that I certainly had a reason to be concerned. I had been told that I had a floating floor.  Matt clarified what a floating floor actually was! (And Wasn’t!)   He made sure he had all the information he needed about the specific flooring that I had installed.  He informed me that he would have to first check with the supplier on their specific guidelines for installation, before he could give his findings.  Very professional.

     I soon received a detailed report with pictures via email.  Shortly after that I received another copy, with a disc, in regular mail. To correct the issue, the entire floor will have to be removed, leveling done, and then the laminate flooring will have to be reapplied.  To leave the floor as it is will eventually compromise the flooring itself.

     Since Matt has completed his job here, I have also been able to contact him and ask any questions that I have had.  One example, he has confirmed for me what materials are legally acceptable for leveling the floor.

     I highly recommend the services of Matt Skowron.


Darlene Davis,