December 8, 2014

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We are coming down to the end of the year and most of you are getting ready for Christmas, I'm sure.  It is a good time to reflect over the past year, the successes, and almost successes, and where we have been.  I am reminded, myself, of how thankful I am for you, my customers, and loyal readers.  I appreciate the opportunity to work for many of you and I hope I have been informative and helpful over the past year to all of you.  I also appreciate the feedback that many of you have given me, the thanks, the criticism, etc.  I do like to hear from you and I read every email, even if I don't have time to reply.

The Floor Detective will be closed the week of Christmas, December 22-26.  We will be back the following week.  If there is not time to get a newsletter out on the 29th, let me take this time to say have a very happy holiday season and may 2015 be your best year ever!

Matt Skowron

The Floor Detective


Schedule by area code:

Monday:  352, 727, 813, 941
Tuesday:  954, 561, 772, 321
Wednesday: 386, 904
Thursday: 352, 407
Friday:  352, 727, 813

The schedule is always subject to change.    Call if you need an inspection in an area not listed.  (386) 755-9237


What's wrong with this picture?

Ever wonder where those little 1/8" circles come from in wood floors?  People often don't realize how worn their shoe heels get.  These two nails together measure .049 square inches.  If they are supporting half of a 130 lb woman's weight the pressure on the wood flooring would be over 1300 lbs/square inch!  They don't have to be completely worn through like these to have an impact.  Even these will leave marks.



Don't go down these stairs!

This is a back door or fire door at a Longhorn restaurant.  The handicap ramp is accessible but the stairs are blocked by the railing.  How did this get by the fire marshal?  And why is there a doggie door at the bottom of the door?




"You never really know something until you can explain it to your grandmother" -- Albert Einstein


Please feel free to email me back with thoughts, suggestions, criticisms (constructive), or things you would like to see or see more of.

Matt Skowron
The Floor Detective

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